Axel Bernal 

I think of my works as relics unearthed from the subconscious, still frames from half remembered fairy tales. They become layered puzzles of dream and material, and I try to infuse them with a sense of playfulness and wonder.
I want to create the artifacts of a forgotten present.

  1. Frontera Norte
  2. Biznaga
  3. Caracol
  4. Agua
  5. Bolt Brigade
  6. Virgencita
  7. Alita
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  9. Rompiendo
  10. "Fishing for Carrot Trout"
  I like to imagine, and to bring the puzzles of color and light that I dream into a touchable reality.  

  I am trained as a Designer. My Jewelry work has been shown in exhibits in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and the Netherlands.

  My illustration work has been published in Canada and the United Kingdom, and you can find it at​